There are seven 36 week courses and a choice of electives to complete in a year.

The program is specifically designed and has the following elements, all of which have theoretical and practical components. Click on a box to get started.

Each student is required to do the following

  • Leadership School Monthly ministry trips outside PMB
  • Theological/ spiritual development Community service
  • In-church service
  • Fun/ Team-building adventures
  • Life-skills & job readiness program

Electives (Each student is required to do two of the following)

  • Music & arts school
  • Media school
  • Dance school
  • Drama school
  • Events

    The Team operates around major events on the Church calendar.


    All students have 4 weeks vacation in the year. They choose 1 week in April, 2 weeks in July, 1 week in September.


    Students are to take care of their own medical needs. In cases of emergency/injury One Life Church will not be held responsible.