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Overseas students need to apply for a Volunteers Visa or a Student Visa depending on which is more accessible in your country.

This is the process for your application:

  • You will need to visit your local home affairs offices or your local embassy.
  • A letter of invitation will be needed from us which we will happily assist you with once you have completed your online application. This letter will explain that you will receive no remuneration or any source of income (which is why you will be a volunteer). This letter will also outline how your services will benefit our church (thank you so much!) as well as stating where you will be staying. In addition, we will describe the training modules you will be trained in.
  • Your Visa may take up to 8 weeks to be processed.
Some other info you may find helpful:
  • Flights from foreign countries can be direct to Durban (Emirates) or via JHB to Durban King Shaka. For domestic flights contact Mango or Kulula.
  • Foreign students can make arrangements to be picked up from Durban.
  • Foreign students will be given preference to accommodation on campus.