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We hope to provide young people with a focused opportunity to develop themselves while being at the heart of a vibrant, Gospel-centred, mission-oriented local church community. In addition we aim…
  • to provide unique access into the hub of a growing South African local church
  • to provide opportunities to go on local and cross border missions
  • to create a opportunities to minister through and explore media, preaching, music, the Bible and community service
  • to provide a safe space for spiritual growth and leadership opportunities
  • to learn life skills and allow for a safe space for interaction with other young people
  • to provide a safe environment for service in the local church and “local African context” for local and foreign students
  • to allow character development through “challenging opportunities”
  • to offer a program that has a unique campus experience and fun-filled outdoor opportunities
  • to experience a large view of church, instead of “multi-site”
  • to give the opportunity to work with people who are skilled in their various fields
  • to provide young people with a year long programme where they discover and develop their strengths preparing themselves to focus on their future

“If you are looking for a challenging, focused and adventurous experience in a secure Christ-centred environment then this is just the right program for you or your son or daughter. Daily life will be structured and the students will pursue theory and practical components of a tailor made curriculum, Monday to Friday. They will be thoroughly involved in the multi-site church meetings and students will get to see the diverse landscape of Southern Africa and be given opportunities to minister to the nations.
Parents, you can rest assured that your son or daughter will be in good hands!”

Brett MoutonDestiny Leadership Academy Pastor


We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God

…and that the new and old testament as it is written is the final authority for faith and life. Sound orthodox doctrine is important to us. Our pastors devote themselves continually to the study of the Bible, both formally and informally.

We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

…and that Jesus Christ was begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and is true God and true Man. That God created Man in His own image; that man sinned and thereby incurred the penalty of death; physical and spiritual; and that all human beings inherit a sinful nature which issues in actual transgression involving personal guilt. Jesus then died for our sins, a substitutionary sacrifice, according to the Scriptures, and that all who believe and trust in Him are justified and have been redeemed on the ground of His shed blood. In the bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, His ascension into heaven, and His present life as our High Priest and Advocate and that he will one day return. In the resurrection, both the just and the unjust, the eternal blessedness of the redeemed, and the eternal banishment from God of those who have rejected the offer.

We believe that all who repent of their sins and receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith

…are born again of the Holy Spirit and therefore become children of God called to a life of holiness, devotion and service to Him.  That the Lord Jesus Christ appointed two ordinances, Baptism and the Lords Table – to be observed as acts of obedience and as a perpetual witness to the cardinal facts of the Christian faith; that Baptism is the immersion of the Believer in water as a confession of identification with Christ in burial and resurrection, and that the Lord’s Table involves partaking of the bread and the cup as symbols of the Saviour’s broken body and shed blood, in remembrance of His sacrificial death till His return.

We believe that Christ is the foundation of the church

that the very epicentre of what we believe and our life long pursuit is to know Him better and become more like Him. We are missional in the sense that we preach the gospel in order to see people transformed by Christ. We believe in the person and the workings of the Holy Spirit in a true believer. In addition we believe that every believer is equally valuable to God and able to minister and grow spiritually. We have a strong leadership development culture among us. It is our sincere belief than any believer can mature and begin to lead others.