Mpophomeni Mission 2018

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By Riccardo (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)

The building project that was done at Mphophomeni was a great success and in the space of a week the Destiny Leadership Academy boys were able to level the ground, put up the structure and cement the foundations of the structure. It was a huge learning experience for most of the gents because many of us had never built a church in this sense.

Despite the super early mornings and late evenings, the boys definitely bonded in a way that cannot be described in words and we all got a taste of how challenges can be overcome when we stick together and do everything unto His name.

A few weeks later it was time to lay the concrete slab and so all the boys mustered up the strength we had regained from our short rest to continuously move what felt like 15 tons of cement. We met amazing people like Owen (Lindo) and worked closely with Bongani (Site captain).

All in all,  the mighty Mphophomeni experience was great success and did great things for both our team and the Mphophomeni site.

DLA Big Mission

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Ayden Smith

I think that going on mission should be a thing that everyone looks forward to. We, the DLA students, recently had the amazing opportunity to mission through a few cities in RSA, Botswana and Zimbabwe. It was an incredible experience, not only because we got to experience new countries and cultures but we also had the privilege of serving at and building friendships with other churches. We got to work with some big built up churches and churches that had next to nothing. What astounded me was the fact that the people who had very little blessed us more than we felt we had blessed them.

We were also able to head into schools and do some kids ministry with the younger grades and take the assemblies for the older ones. It’s truly amazing knowing that you could’ve influenced a young girl or boy with your faith and that they could amount to great things because of your influence and obedience. One of the schools we went to in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was a school for disabled kids and we had the privilege of dancing singing and praying with them. God really moved people that day because by the time we left, people had been filled by the Holy spirit, deaf ears were opened and some of the kids came to know christ.

There were many more miracles that happened, not because of us but because of the grace of God. It was an incredible time to not only strengthen the friendships with in our team but to also learn more about who we are in christ and to see our father’s heart for his people.

Matthew 28:19
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”


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We have an incredible group of dancers this year who are enthusiastic and always up for something new! We have had a very successful term where the team has been able to perform at some of our church events. They also worked on dance pieces throughout the term which they have performed on various mission trips as ministry. They have been exposed to a number of elements in dance such as improvisation and choreography and have been exposed to dance forms such as Contemporary, Hip Hop, Modern and Dance Fitness. They are currently working on dance pieces for our annual ladies conference Sparkle which is sure to be hugely successful. We’re looking forward to seeing them grow in their confidence and skill even more!


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Our Drama students have had an incredible term filled with many exciting opportunities. They have started working on theatre pieces which will be taken to the schools in our city to educate and inspire on various topics. They have also just recently been on a mission trip through South Africa as well as Botswana and Mozambique where they used what they had learnt in Drama to minister to all kinds of people. They have grown in confidence and have gained many skills that will will have far reaching effects into other areas of their lives. There is plenty in store for next term as they begin writing scripts and acting in a mini kids series. This will be filmed by our media elective students and outsourced to our connecting churches as a ministry tool for kids and parents alike.

Mtubatuba mission

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This weekend some of the Destiny Teamer’s went away on mission lead
by our legendary theology lecturer; Nigel Day-Lewis and his wife to help
out at an orphanage in Matubatuba once again.
We spent the weekend doing some painting and working on the roof
structure for a new housing facility for the kids.
But thats not all…we had the incredible opportunity to walk through
the community and get to know some of the locals and pray together
as we shared the gospel and some of our stories with them.
Lastly, we said goodbye to Matubatuba with a great afternoon
hanging out with the team at the beach. Have a look at the
moments we captured below.
It’s been another unforgettable mission and we look forward
to sharing the next one with you soon!
– Amy Joy Shaw

Sparkle 2015

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This term has seen our campus buzzing with activity as
we’ve hosted the Sparkle ladies conference.
Every year NCF Church hosts a conference that
sees anywhere around 1500 ladies walking through its
doors, and the Destiny Leadership Academy plays a huge
role in the décor, successful running, serving and overall
awesomeness of it. It’s always a great time of year for the
team to bond over some good old-fashioned work!

-Steve Hunkin
Team leader

Ingwavuma mission

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Recently we went on a mission to northern Kwazulu natal.
We were dropped off in a small town on the boarder of
Mozambique called ndumo and then visited the local
witch doctors in the area to pray for them and spread
the gospel to them.
We partnered with the local church in the area and walked
around praying for people and seeing God touch people’s lives.
We walked for the whole day toward Ingwavuma which is on the
border of Swaziland. We camped near a village we found and then
walked the next day as well also praying for people and seeing
witch doctors.
We saw Jesus do Incredible things in people’s lives and we look forward
to going back and seeing people saved.
– Darren Chalmers
Team Leader