Paddock Mission 2021

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Here are the full testimonies of DLA 2021 after there mission trip to Paddock…

Rebecca Dovey   

Going on mission to Cape Town as well as Paddock I went in with the mindset that everyone knew God or would be open to knowing him and that I was coming from a church not everyone or many people would know about. I soon realized that the world is a lot tougher than it looks and hate is a big thing but the beautiful thing was meeting and interacting with kind hearted and people who had already been impacted by our church and things like One Conference 

Arlen Lorettes  

I had no idea what to expect before our mission to Paddock. I was taken out of my comfort zone – sleepless nights and food that had to be rationed. But after seeing the results of our efforts and the lives we have touched, I knew it was worth it. Like the time we were invited into peoples homes so that we could pray over them. 

Maria Tomaz  

The  Paddock mission was a great experience. It somehow made me come out of my comfort zone. We had to go door to door to pray for people and to hand out loafs of bread the experience was amazing because a lot of people in the area were asking for prayers along the way and they welcome us with opened hand in their houses. for me that was a blessing because I thought we were going to be rejected mostly. The best moments I had at the mission was building friendships with the foxfires and some of the people from Impendle. I felt blessed after the mission Because the main focus was about God and bringing People to the kingdom.

Anele Khwela  (@anelesbusisiwe)

I would like to share a testimony or should i say my highlights from the mission i went to.

The first mission I went to was the Paddock mission which was on the 19th -20th of March. We as, us the d teamers and some of the
Impendle members reached an agreement that we are going to preach the gospel with grateful hearts and loving souls only to realize that as I went for door to door ministry and the outreach it was love that we received from the people at Paddock. The church at Paddock that we went to was kind enough to provide us with food which we did not expect. In that its shows that God sent hes love throughout the mission and that shows that God knows your heart as more than anyone. He knew our hearts and blessed us with good and loving people.

Luke Fisher  (@yung.love_music)    

I went on mission to Paddock and what stood out for me was the amount of love and kindness the people showed towards us. They made us food and carried for us. It was truly an impactful experience, not just for me but also the people we served and prayed for. We were so happy to see and pray for people and bring them to God

David Ireland  (@davidireland27

So… Paddock

Well, I remember the first night being told I am going to preach. I was excited , for I wanted to do this but I was also nervous for I was going to be preaching with a translator, something I had never done before. So when we got to where I was preaching, I was a bit disappointed for there were only around 10-15 people I was preaching for. I was hoping for more. This taught me that it does not matter the size of the audience. What is more important is the size of the impact, the message had an individual and that the heart of the individuals changed, because they got to know Jesus personally. I feel that Paddock was an important and successful mission.

Cape Town Mission 2021

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Here are the full testimonies of DLA 2021 after there mission trip to Cape Town

Thomas Katzenelnbogen ( @Thom_Katzie ) 

Mission No.2!!! What a beautiful city CapeTown is. The most influential experience I had on mission, that went beyond my expectation, was the otreat ministry in Stellenbosch as it challenged me to approach my peers from a place of my faith, not just my personality. The second memory that I had stuck with me was the last night when Macro and a group of us reflected on our past mission and the reality of the holy spirit. We experienced rejection and acceptance but most of all we sewed needs of faith.

Timothy Oguttu  ( @Chocolonypapi )       

Cape Town mission made me realize that anyone can be saved by God, that Gods infinite grace and love and mercy will always pull through. My trust and faith in god has only started growing now. So I never thought I could be able to drastically start ministering to many different kinds of people through street ministry. But I got out my comfort zone and did it. In the beginning of the trip I read the book of Timothy and something stood out for me in 1 Timothy chapter 1.specifically verse 9. “We also know that the law is made not for righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels….” God cares and loves each and everyone for us

Hannah Van Rij  ( @han_van_rij_ )

On our way to Cape Town for the mission we stopped at a petrol station and I went to spur to get something to eat. When I was paying for my order my card declined twice and a police officer behind me offered to pay for my meal. It shocked me because he could see i wasn’t poor or struggling yet still offered, it reminded of Gods faithfulness and how he provides for us throughout our lives

Nikita Nel  ( @_Kita_the_kid_ )

Mission has always been a part of my life as i have grown up in the church yet there is always something new to learn. I went into the Cape Town mission with the mindset of only being physically drained at the end of the day but i found myself emotionally and mentally drained. From speaking to so many people in one day that were both christian and non-christian people. This showed me and taught me the importance of finding my rest in the Lord. Making sure I have that time to renew my strength and joy in the Lord. You cannot give on an empty bucket. If anything i could encourage people wanting to go on mission to pursue those quiet times and moments alone with God 

Simon Klause ( @sim1gii )

Arriving in Cape Town I was very tired after the drive and the many hoops we had to go through to get our place to sleep ready. The street ministry however didn’t feel like an exhausting task at all. Stellenbosch and Sumserset West were very nice and welcoming places. One event that stood out to me was the time I met this man standing there alone on the beach. Without hesitation I walked up to him and talked with him about God, Faith and many other things. Just imagining how i could have missed this conversation if i hadn’t mustered up the courage to speak to a man i’ve never met.

Jamie Mutasa  ( _frostypuff_ )

Cape Town mission all in all was a very chilled and relaxing mission which I found very fun and enjoyable. What stood out for me was the reality of how people are all living their own lives and how we don’t take into consideration the struggle a persona walking by us in the mall is going through, and how a simple greeting and moment of chats can change someones life forever…
My expectation of being able to approach people on the street and talk with them about Jesus and God has really been eye opening because I did not realize how many people could not care less about Christianity and people’s beliefs & that was the reality I faced, of people turning me down so many times trying to tell them Jesus yet a fair number couldn’t care about what I had to share with them…


Brennan Wade Joseph  ( @Dutchie_pon_helsing ) 

When we stopped to stay in Bloemfontein on our way to Cape Town. On my bed there was a note that basically spoke about God moulding me into the person he wants me to be. So i started reading James and noticed what God was telling me noticed what God wanted from me. Ever since I started applying what God had said my lie had changed, meaning lifestyle and the way I looked at things “Perspective.”

God’s work in my life always proved my own plans, thoughts and intentions wrong. He placed me out of my comfort zone and instilled me in his comfort of his hands and plan. Praying, frosting, believing and just leaving everything have just been granted to me as i progress.

Georgia Mannikam  ( @georgia.mannikam )   

Going on mission to Cape Town my idea of how it would pan out was that people would be receptive and willing when told about the gospel or Jesus, or they would recognize the seriousness of their eternities being at stake . this however was not the case, and in the space of that mission Jesus gave me great revelation of how much i need to equip myself in order to be his hands and feet here on earth

Shaun Gouws ( @shaunanigxns )

On the last day of handing out business cards, we decided to put the rest on the windscreens of parked cars. In the parking lot of the Sommerset mall, i met a young business-man. I complicated the frame of his glasses and he said he was battling with his eyesight, so I asked to pray for him. After we prayed he said “ thank you, I really needed that.” I think that moment grew both of our faith.

That is all from Cape Town mission.

Ingwavuma Mission 2021

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Here are the full testimonies of DLA 2021 after there mission trip to Ingwavuma…

Ty Meyer  ( @combat.wombat )

“The Ingwavuma mission trip was such an amazing time, my only downside to it was that it was too short. I won’t lie, going into the trip I wasn’t so keen just because none of my usual mates were with me but by the end of it, I was so hhe appy to have had this opportunity to form new bonds. We stayed with such a wholesome family who really demonstrated the love of Jesus in everything they do. This family has such a big impact on tcommunity in the sense that the people who have nothing, are shown the goodness of god and given a purpose in life. I think my favorite part of the whole trip was when we led the kids ministry and getting to experience the passion that young can have for Christ, so early on in life”

James Hubble  ( @jameshubble4 )

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect from our mission to Ingwavuma, as it was the first time I was ever going on a mission and was to a place that I had never heard of. We were hosted by a family with 14 children, 12 of whom are adopted, and it was extremely eye opening to see how such a big family has so much love for each other. It was an amazing and extremely humbling time to see how even people with little can give so much.”

Hayley Roberts ( @hayls_roberts )

“We went to Ingwavuma with a bunch of DLA for the weekend. And it was incredible to see God use them. The couple who hosted us had 12 adopted kids – and right from the start the team went to play games with them and invest in them – even before our “mission” had started. It was so cool to be able to bless this family who poured so much of their lives into the church there. Throughout the whole time we were there, we got to encourage them and have fun with them. I had definitely not expected our biggest impact to be at the place we were staying – with the kids. The best part was some of them were planning to do DLA in the future and we got to chat to them and encourage them in that.”

Reho Ndlovu ( @rehov_reezy_ndlovu )

“The Ingwavuma mission was an eye opening mission where i met a family of 16 where 12 children were adopted and 2 were biological children, the experience taught me to value life and everything it gives you even if it is small but appreciate every moment and always thank god for it each and everyday and to acknowledge the fact that God put us here for a reason and a unique purpose in life. Going to the mission I thought it would be so abstract but i actually enjoyed but was sad for having to leave early as the mission was a 2 day mission, seeing the kids enjoy and dance with us was so touching and inspiring on how God works in mysterious ways to fulfill his purpose even through dancing , but the mission was nice, educational a really enjoyable moment.”

Minehle Mkhize (@minnie.mouse2123 )

“Myself and James, Ty, Reho, Anele and the two leaders Tim and Hayley went to Ingwavuma for our mission in our minds we had an image that we will stay in a small house and the guys will sleep outside. But the unexpected happened we were staying with a wonder family. Pastor Nevil, his wife and his 12 beautiful adopted kids. They were really welcoming. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect because I am not the type of person who goes out or travels or socializes so I had a lot of fear; fearing to be taken out of my comfort zone; surprisingly enough my team pushed me out of my comfort zone I socialized something unusual and I had great conversations with the kids my age I was able to give advice were it was needed and basically share my experiences with them and they appreciated my input, I had to kind of MC for the Uptown I had to learn at that moment on Sunday. In the mission I was taken out of my comfort zone and I am happy with the process.”

DLA Big Mission

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Ayden Smith

I think that going on mission should be a thing that everyone looks forward to. We, the DLA students, recently had the amazing opportunity to mission through a few cities in RSA, Botswana and Zimbabwe. It was an incredible experience, not only because we got to experience new countries and cultures but we also had the privilege of serving at and building friendships with other churches. We got to work with some big built up churches and churches that had next to nothing. What astounded me was the fact that the people who had very little blessed us more than we felt we had blessed them.

We were also able to head into schools and do some kids ministry with the younger grades and take the assemblies for the older ones. It’s truly amazing knowing that you could’ve influenced a young girl or boy with your faith and that they could amount to great things because of your influence and obedience. One of the schools we went to in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was a school for disabled kids and we had the privilege of dancing singing and praying with them. God really moved people that day because by the time we left, people had been filled by the Holy spirit, deaf ears were opened and some of the kids came to know christ.

There were many more miracles that happened, not because of us but because of the grace of God. It was an incredible time to not only strengthen the friendships with in our team but to also learn more about who we are in christ and to see our father’s heart for his people.

Matthew 28:19
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

Mtubatuba mission

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This weekend some of the Destiny Teamer’s went away on mission lead
by our legendary theology lecturer; Nigel Day-Lewis and his wife to help
out at an orphanage in Matubatuba once again.
We spent the weekend doing some painting and working on the roof
structure for a new housing facility for the kids.
But thats not all…we had the incredible opportunity to walk through
the community and get to know some of the locals and pray together
as we shared the gospel and some of our stories with them.
Lastly, we said goodbye to Matubatuba with a great afternoon
hanging out with the team at the beach. Have a look at the
moments we captured below.
It’s been another unforgettable mission and we look forward
to sharing the next one with you soon!
– Amy Joy Shaw

Ingwavuma mission

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Recently we went on a mission to northern Kwazulu natal.
We were dropped off in a small town on the boarder of
Mozambique called ndumo and then visited the local
witch doctors in the area to pray for them and spread
the gospel to them.
We partnered with the local church in the area and walked
around praying for people and seeing God touch people’s lives.
We walked for the whole day toward Ingwavuma which is on the
border of Swaziland. We camped near a village we found and then
walked the next day as well also praying for people and seeing
witch doctors.
We saw Jesus do Incredible things in people’s lives and we look forward
to going back and seeing people saved.
– Darren Chalmers
Team Leader