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Paddock Mission 2021

By 12th May 2021Blog, Mission

Here are the full testimonies of DLA 2021 after there mission trip to Paddock…

Rebecca Dovey   

Going on mission to Cape Town as well as Paddock I went in with the mindset that everyone knew God or would be open to knowing him and that I was coming from a church not everyone or many people would know about. I soon realized that the world is a lot tougher than it looks and hate is a big thing but the beautiful thing was meeting and interacting with kind hearted and people who had already been impacted by our church and things like One Conference 

Arlen Lorettes  

I had no idea what to expect before our mission to Paddock. I was taken out of my comfort zone – sleepless nights and food that had to be rationed. But after seeing the results of our efforts and the lives we have touched, I knew it was worth it. Like the time we were invited into peoples homes so that we could pray over them. 

Maria Tomaz  

The  Paddock mission was a great experience. It somehow made me come out of my comfort zone. We had to go door to door to pray for people and to hand out loafs of bread the experience was amazing because a lot of people in the area were asking for prayers along the way and they welcome us with opened hand in their houses. for me that was a blessing because I thought we were going to be rejected mostly. The best moments I had at the mission was building friendships with the foxfires and some of the people from Impendle. I felt blessed after the mission Because the main focus was about God and bringing People to the kingdom.

Anele Khwela  (@anelesbusisiwe)

I would like to share a testimony or should i say my highlights from the mission i went to.

The first mission I went to was the Paddock mission which was on the 19th -20th of March. We as, us the d teamers and some of the
Impendle members reached an agreement that we are going to preach the gospel with grateful hearts and loving souls only to realize that as I went for door to door ministry and the outreach it was love that we received from the people at Paddock. The church at Paddock that we went to was kind enough to provide us with food which we did not expect. In that its shows that God sent hes love throughout the mission and that shows that God knows your heart as more than anyone. He knew our hearts and blessed us with good and loving people.

Luke Fisher  (@yung.love_music)    

I went on mission to Paddock and what stood out for me was the amount of love and kindness the people showed towards us. They made us food and carried for us. It was truly an impactful experience, not just for me but also the people we served and prayed for. We were so happy to see and pray for people and bring them to God

David Ireland  (@davidireland27

So… Paddock

Well, I remember the first night being told I am going to preach. I was excited , for I wanted to do this but I was also nervous for I was going to be preaching with a translator, something I had never done before. So when we got to where I was preaching, I was a bit disappointed for there were only around 10-15 people I was preaching for. I was hoping for more. This taught me that it does not matter the size of the audience. What is more important is the size of the impact, the message had an individual and that the heart of the individuals changed, because they got to know Jesus personally. I feel that Paddock was an important and successful mission.

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