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Ingwavuma Mission 2021

By 23rd Apr 2021Blog, Mission

Here are the full testimonies of DLA 2021 after there mission trip to Ingwavuma…

Ty Meyer  ( @combat.wombat )

“The Ingwavuma mission trip was such an amazing time, my only downside to it was that it was too short. I won’t lie, going into the trip I wasn’t so keen just because none of my usual mates were with me but by the end of it, I was so hhe appy to have had this opportunity to form new bonds. We stayed with such a wholesome family who really demonstrated the love of Jesus in everything they do. This family has such a big impact on tcommunity in the sense that the people who have nothing, are shown the goodness of god and given a purpose in life. I think my favorite part of the whole trip was when we led the kids ministry and getting to experience the passion that young can have for Christ, so early on in life”

James Hubble  ( @jameshubble4 )

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect from our mission to Ingwavuma, as it was the first time I was ever going on a mission and was to a place that I had never heard of. We were hosted by a family with 14 children, 12 of whom are adopted, and it was extremely eye opening to see how such a big family has so much love for each other. It was an amazing and extremely humbling time to see how even people with little can give so much.”

Hayley Roberts ( @hayls_roberts )

“We went to Ingwavuma with a bunch of DLA for the weekend. And it was incredible to see God use them. The couple who hosted us had 12 adopted kids – and right from the start the team went to play games with them and invest in them – even before our “mission” had started. It was so cool to be able to bless this family who poured so much of their lives into the church there. Throughout the whole time we were there, we got to encourage them and have fun with them. I had definitely not expected our biggest impact to be at the place we were staying – with the kids. The best part was some of them were planning to do DLA in the future and we got to chat to them and encourage them in that.”

Reho Ndlovu ( @rehov_reezy_ndlovu )

“The Ingwavuma mission was an eye opening mission where i met a family of 16 where 12 children were adopted and 2 were biological children, the experience taught me to value life and everything it gives you even if it is small but appreciate every moment and always thank god for it each and everyday and to acknowledge the fact that God put us here for a reason and a unique purpose in life. Going to the mission I thought it would be so abstract but i actually enjoyed but was sad for having to leave early as the mission was a 2 day mission, seeing the kids enjoy and dance with us was so touching and inspiring on how God works in mysterious ways to fulfill his purpose even through dancing , but the mission was nice, educational a really enjoyable moment.”

Minehle Mkhize (@minnie.mouse2123 )

“Myself and James, Ty, Reho, Anele and the two leaders Tim and Hayley went to Ingwavuma for our mission in our minds we had an image that we will stay in a small house and the guys will sleep outside. But the unexpected happened we were staying with a wonder family. Pastor Nevil, his wife and his 12 beautiful adopted kids. They were really welcoming. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect because I am not the type of person who goes out or travels or socializes so I had a lot of fear; fearing to be taken out of my comfort zone; surprisingly enough my team pushed me out of my comfort zone I socialized something unusual and I had great conversations with the kids my age I was able to give advice were it was needed and basically share my experiences with them and they appreciated my input, I had to kind of MC for the Uptown I had to learn at that moment on Sunday. In the mission I was taken out of my comfort zone and I am happy with the process.”

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