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By John Griffin (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)

This year between the 13 August to 4 September our team headed on mission to two of our neighboring countries, Zimbabwe and Botswana. There were many new experiences, memories and a lot of lessons to be had over those 3 Weeks.

Our first week had us split up amongst smaller towns surrounding Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo performing many forms of ministry, whether it was helping in the building of a church or sharing the word of God. Each person returning with their own experiences and memories of the past week.

The second week we were all reunited as team, and served at the Bulawayo equip at the Rock Church lead by Warren King. It was an amazing opportunity for us to serve as well as talk to and hear from a lot of the NCMI elders and pastors. During that time some of our team left to Harare to go minister to different churches and youth groups.

The following week more of the team left to Harare to help with their equip. Although it was a similar program to that of Bulawayo Equip it still had its different atmosphere and experiences. Visiting all these churches gave us a very good rendition of how churches do and don’t work, what structures stay and which ones fall through.

Our last few days on mission had all of us going to Botswana, Some of Team split to Francis town while the rest went to Gaborone. The guys in Gaborone had the privilege of going to a church that had a very young demographic, which created a very lively and refreshing atmosphere, a church that felt more like family than community.

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