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October 2018

Botswana Mission

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By Michaela Sandalls (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)
Our experience in Botswana was short but inspirational. We attended their Sunday morning service and I think we can all say it was enjoyable and also interesting to see how different churches can be run. The pre service prayer meeting was a big highlight of our trip in Botswana just because of how Holy Spirit led it was. We were all so welcomed and treated like family there.
On our last day we went with a lady who runs an organization which helps feed different locations around Botswana. We had the privilege to go to one of the locations and help out with serving the food to the people for the day as well as connect with a few of the families in that area.
We were all very blessed by the experience and are all truly greatful for it.

Ingwavuma Mission

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By Cheney Ramkumar (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)
Ingwavuma was an authentic mission that brought us all back to a basic and true understanding of how to live solely dependent on God and God alone.
We had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful town filled with the most joyful people even with what little they had. The boys played countless games of soccer between the locals. we were also able to go into the hospitals and pray over the sick which broadened the capacity of love we, as individuals, ever thought could carry for one another.
Ingwavuma didn’t offer what we’re used to at home, which is comfortable living, instead it offered us something so much more precious and rewarding – us being able to draw near to God and His people in the most humble way possible.

Dundee Mission 2018

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By Timothy Dovery (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)

Dundee mission was an amazing time for the entire team that went. We had the opportunity to help at the church to build and improve their Uptown facility, we painted and moved a lot of stuff to make the Uptown facility usable for kids.

We were hosted by John and Sofe Flanagan; the lead pastors in the One Life Church Dundee site. We had the opportunity to minister to schools in the area as well as visit a boarding home at which we just spent time loving the kids there as well as playing soccer with them and helping them with their homework.

All in all the Dundee mission was a success both spiritually and with regards to the things that need to be done. I Believe that we made an impact on the local community and we were greatly blessed by the people there. I know that we cannot wait to go back – they have taught us many things and we are keen to see them grow.

Port Shepstone Mission

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Jordan Bowden (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)

Going to Port Shepstone to serve was an incredible privilege, and encouragement.
Having lived there, and returning on mission after being away from home for just a few short months, the rapid growth was so overwhelming.

We spent a few days with the youth group and did renovations at the Bible camp, multiple team-building activities amongst our groups, we went on adventures and led worship at Riverlife Church.

The prosperity that has been sown for both our team, as well as the youth, has been absolutely beautiful. I can confidently say that the work we put in then, earned us a legacy to carry for the rest of our lives in the lessons we learned, the comfort zones we defied and the bonds that we formed.
How blessed we are!

Mpophomeni Mission 2018

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By Riccardo (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)

The building project that was done at Mphophomeni was a great success and in the space of a week the Destiny Leadership Academy boys were able to level the ground, put up the structure and cement the foundations of the structure. It was a huge learning experience for most of the gents because many of us had never built a church in this sense.

Despite the super early mornings and late evenings, the boys definitely bonded in a way that cannot be described in words and we all got a taste of how challenges can be overcome when we stick together and do everything unto His name.

A few weeks later it was time to lay the concrete slab and so all the boys mustered up the strength we had regained from our short rest to continuously move what felt like 15 tons of cement. We met amazing people like Owen (Lindo) and worked closely with Bongani (Site captain).

All in all,  the mighty Mphophomeni experience was great success and did great things for both our team and the Mphophomeni site.

Johannesburg Mission 2018

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By Tyla – Joy (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)

From the 22nd to the 26th of March, a group of us  went on mission to Johannesburg we spent a lot of time just having fellowship with people there and we spent a lot of time doing street ministry and ministering to people in different areas. We participated on Sunday morning in the service at Gateway City Church in Alexandra. Some of us were asked to play in the band and then we all went and participated in their children’s ministry. We did “Make you famous” for the kids and told the story of Palm Sunday. The kids really enjoyed it and so did we. We got some time to go and do some fun things. We went to The Mall of Africa and The Johannesburg Zoo. We also spent lots of time at braais, lunches and attempting to do a movie night. We were hosted by people in the church and felt very welcomed and very blessed by the end of our trip. It was definitely a trip to remember.

Zimbabwe/ Botswana Mission 2018

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By John Griffin (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)

This year between the 13 August to 4 September our team headed on mission to two of our neighboring countries, Zimbabwe and Botswana. There were many new experiences, memories and a lot of lessons to be had over those 3 Weeks.

Our first week had us split up amongst smaller towns surrounding Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo performing many forms of ministry, whether it was helping in the building of a church or sharing the word of God. Each person returning with their own experiences and memories of the past week.

The second week we were all reunited as team, and served at the Bulawayo equip at the Rock Church lead by Warren King. It was an amazing opportunity for us to serve as well as talk to and hear from a lot of the NCMI elders and pastors. During that time some of our team left to Harare to go minister to different churches and youth groups.

The following week more of the team left to Harare to help with their equip. Although it was a similar program to that of Bulawayo Equip it still had its different atmosphere and experiences. Visiting all these churches gave us a very good rendition of how churches do and don’t work, what structures stay and which ones fall through.

Our last few days on mission had all of us going to Botswana, Some of Team split to Francis town while the rest went to Gaborone. The guys in Gaborone had the privilege of going to a church that had a very young demographic, which created a very lively and refreshing atmosphere, a church that felt more like family than community.

Zimbabwe/Botswana Mission 2018

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By Mat Lombard (Destiny Leadership Academy Class of 2018)

Everybody was exited and awake by 5am on Tuesday the 14th of August, we had high expectations for what the mission would hold for all of us.
We had packed the night before so we prayed and climbed into our vehicles, I personally drove Victor Roberts Hilux which was a joy. The drive up to Zim was long, and I mean LONG, most drivers drove in approximately three hour intervals and swapped with another driver but a special mention needs to go out to the beast himself, Wayne. Wayne drove the entire way there and the entire way back, I tapped out after three hours as did most drivers. After about 20 hours in the vehicles, crossing boarders etcetera, we arrived at the Kings’ house. The Kings are absolute legends and hosted most of the team throughout our stay in Zimbabwe. Most of the team only stayed one night at the Kings house before departing in the morning to various towns across Zimbabwe for a week. I was part of the Gweru squad.

Gweru, or at least the part of Gweru we stayed at, is a very poor subsistence farming community where a common sight is a wooden cart being pulled by four donkeys and the rarest sight is a car of any kind. My squad stayed in a house and we were blessed to sleep on beds. I want to say that we blessed this community but it felt as though they were the ones blessing us, we had seen that they had a small building project going and we offered to help but they refused and instead wanted us to lead their church services while we stayed there, because we were there they came out once a day for the duration of our stay. Most of my team ended up preaching twice, once during the week and once on Sunday when we split up and went to some other churches in the area. The church I was at had four walls, that’s all, just four walls. No seats, no roof, no floor. One thing I can take away from Gweru is their hunger to know more about God, and they just wanted to learn from us, but I think we learned more from them.

As my squad arrived back we heard that one of our vehicles had been damaged due to circumstances out of the drivers control and we can only thank God for keeping everybody safe on the roads during the mission and even just during DLA as a whole.

Next we were to set up and serve at the Bulawayo equip, set up was what we had expected but what struck me was that the church was operating out of a tent and right next to the tent was the incomplete building that the church was going to use in the future, the building is huge, the seating capacity of the building is probably five times the capacity of the tent and they had the faith that it would one day be filled. The equip from what I heard was amazing but I left early on day two of the trip to go to Harare to serve at a youth event in one of the townships surrounding Harare.

To be honest this time in Harare before the Equip was a period of rest, the youth event only started at 6pm which meant we had the days off and at night we stayed with our hosts who were honestly so kind and hospitable. The youth event itself was also very fun, I ended up being a judge during their talent show which was a very fun experience, and there was definately some talent showcased.

The Harare Equip had barely any set up and only a little work to be done during the Equip so we could join in on the sessions and I can truly day that the Spirit was there and that I did not leave Harare the same.

After the Harare Equip the entire DLA team was off to Botswana, some of the team spent a night in a town near the border but the rest of us went to Gaberone and just spent time at a church there. The day before we left we joined on an outreach programme that fed a rural community but on the way there unfortunately the car I was driving’s engine cut out and that meant that the brakes didnt work as well and I ended up bumping into one of our cars in front of me. The other car wasn’t damaged but the white Avansa was cracked in the plastic all around the front, and Wayne being a beast simply used a screw driver, made a fire in a can and welded the plastic back together.

The morning after we had a much shorter drive back home, I love Zimbabwe and Botswana but I was really happy to be home again.