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Destiny Leadership Academy

Creating Christ-Centred Leaders that make Impact in the Church, Community, Culture and the World

Experience A Totally Different Way of Life

If, for one year, you’re ready to experience a totally different way of life: to travel Southern Africa, carrying the Gospel and seeing it advance in our land and devoting your skills to wholeheartedly serve the local church, to arm yourself with theological teaching, leadership skills and solid friendships as well as being part of huge church events then the Destiny Team Academy is the unforgettable adventure that you want to be on! Destiny Team is based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa at One Life Church

Investing in Young Adults by Shaping Leaders Through Adventure & Opportunities


The Destiny Leadership Academy has a strong pedigree and a remarkable record of leadership development. More than 500 students have passed through our training programme over the past 25 years. Today, hundreds of our past students hold positions of leadership in many sectors of society; some are captains of industry or have founded their own businesses, others have followed teaching and academic careers, while others still, have gone on to plant churches, serve communities in a greater capacity and live fruitful lives in South Africa and abroad. The Destiny Leadership Academy attracts a vast variety of students, coming from across South Africa as well as from Europe, Canada and North America. This Academy is designed as an intensive, one-year programme that will challenge the students emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically. They will be required to help the needy, go on mission trips, attend courses and lectures and develop their skill set. We believe that everyone has leadership potential. We are all required to lead ourselves, our families and other people as we follow Christ’s leadership. Destiny Academy nurtures and grows this potential in its students and aims to raise up competent and passionate leaders. We invite you to join us on a year that will transform the way you approach life. It will give you many essential tools and allow you to develop the competencies you need to achieve your dreams. – Grant Crawford One Life Church Pastor


We love having students from abroad and we are committed to helping make your process of coming to South Africa as stressfree as possible. Students from overseas will need to apply for a Volunteers Visa or a Student Visa, depending on which is more acceptable in your country. 


  • You will need to visit your local home affairs or local embassy
  • A letter of invitation from us will be needed, which we will be happy to send once you have completed the online application. This letter will explain that you will receive no remuneration or income (which is why you will be a volunteer). This letter will also outline how your services will benefit our church (thank you so much!) as well as stating where you will be staying. In addition, we will explain the training modules you will be enrolled in. Your visa may take up to 8 weeks to process.


In order to apply for Destiny Leadership Academy you have to be between the ages of 17-30

Start of the year:DLA starts in the 3rd week of Januaryand finishes on the 2nd week of December

Leave:All students have 4 weeks of leave in the year.

Medical:Students are to take care of their own medicalneeds. In case of emergency/injury One Life Church will notbe held responsible


The DLA programme is:

R1 750 pm for academics and day scholars.

R3 250 pm for boarding.

Total for both academics and Boarding is= R5 000pm for 11 months.

  1. A registration cost of R500 non refundable.
  2. Extra costs to student through the year:
    1. Pocket money
    2. Toiletries
    3. A once off of aprox. R600 if they go on a “Big Mission”
    4. A once off of R450 for a hoodie (in mid year)


Dave Lunderstedt
Pastor DLA oversight:
084 620 2589

Loretta Lunderstedt
084 606 9906

Keean Eksteen
DLA Day to day Leader:
064 797 7117

Christen Eksteen
DLA Day to day Leader:
079 408 1693

Heidi Hoatson:
IC Finances DLA

Oversees boys digs:

082 484 9804

Oversees girls digs

071 020 1164